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Thinking Outside the Box

This section includes a number of papers on topics that we hope will be of interest to people who care about the effectiveness of organizations. It is our hope, and our expectation, that they will be enlightening in areas of potentially great value to those responsible for individual and organization performance. Over the last few decades, working in dozens of industries around the world, we have found that these ideas and methods were universally needed and applicable. The companies that have adopted them, are, from everything we know, the highest performers in their industries -- and probably in any industry.

We have included a paper on the essential mental tools needed for high performance in the complex world we live in, one on the kinds of organization change processes needed for today's turbulent business environment, one on the kind of culture needed for the increasing levels of competition companies face, and one on designing ultra-high performance organizations that are more advanced than the great and lasting organizations of the past.


There is also a collection of other eye-openers -- examples of profound insights, mental models, and paradigm-shifters that are elements of Intentional Systems Transformation and Thinking Organizations methods -- that, as far as we know, you will not find anywhere else.


There is one case history, of the impressive turnaround of the Clorox Kingsford Charcoal Division, which was supported by a team of our colleagues, who are members of our network of consultants. It is one of few cases that have made it into the literature, as most users have determined that their use of this methodology is a competitive advantage, and have kept it confidential. It is accompanied by an interview of the EVP who led the initiative. 


The last item is an insightful cartoon on thinking inside the box, which, unfortunately, is found in virtually all organizations today. 

If you resonate with these ideas, and can see the possibilities, you may get value from beginning to assess where your organization stands, and its issues and opportunities, using the assessment tools provided in the next section. 

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