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"All organizations are perfectly designed to get the results they get.” Bill Veltrop


“The last remaining source of truly sustainable competitive advantage is organizational capability, which is determined by the organization’s underlying architecture.” Nadler & Tushman in Competing by Design


 "The complexity of today's change challenges requires a capability beyond 'Change Management'. Instead, sights have to be raised to 'Transformation’." TheConference Board


Services for improving organization capability, innovation and performance: 


Consulting services in organization redesign and organization transformation.


We support organizations in creating ideal visions, and/or of breakthrough/”impossible” improvements, and inventing and implementing ways to make them real. This involves guiding the redesign of organizations to enable them to evolve to ultra-high levels of performance and stakeholder satisfaction.


At the highest levels of organization evolution, you have the Thinking Organization, which is defined in the attachment below.

Human capability development services.


We provide mental tools or mental software delivered through our unique Thinking Organization Workshop Series. This comprehensive series provides what we believe are the essential building-block skills for significant change and high performance for all organization team members, leaders and internal consultants. 


All the available courses are listed in the attachment below, each with its learning objective, to add clarity to its intent. 



We offer Change Leadership,  a methodology far more advanced than Change Management, that can be used to reliably multiply the effectiveness and returns of any change initiative, from a small project to the transformation of the whole organization.


This can be applied to ensuring the success of, or to revitalizing processes and initiatives like:

  • Process improvement

  • Reengineering

  • Systems installations

  • Turnarounds

  • Restructuring

  • Downsizing

  • Mergers and Acquisitions -- culture integration

  • Renewal/culture change

  • Organization transformation

  • HR transformation

  • Quality improvement

  • Strategic planning

  • Leader on-boarding

  • Employee engagement and retention

  • Best place to work

  • Impact Investing -- investee assessment & support










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